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Science, Technology and Innovation for a New Sustainable and Inclusive Development Pact

This document presents the first Strategy prepared by the new National Council of Science, Technology, Knowledge, and Innovation for Development, according to what is indicated by Law 21,105. This Strategy has the vision of a country that develops and generates sustainable and inclusive well-being based on a knowledge society, highlighting the CTCI as a fundamental pillar that promotes the creation of value in a broad sense and contributes to the preservation of the biosphere and the development of an inclusive and ethical society. For this, it proposes a logic of the CTCI Ecosystem, understood as a complex network of intertwined nodes that interact to promote the creation and flow of knowledge from where social value emerges. Its main attributes are the diversity and dynamic connection between its nodes, a network logic in its operation, and a strong link with society. On the one hand, the Strategy delivers a series of guidelines focused on strengthening the CTCI Ecosystem, considering priority aspects at a transversal level and specific to each component. On the other, it proposes a set of Vision catalysts that, in tune with the country's main current and future concerns, seek to mobilize and accelerate the transforming capacity of the CTCI, enhancing its contribution to sustainable and comprehensive development.
Autor/a: Consejo Nacional de Innovación para el Desarrollo
Tipo de documento: Estrategias
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